• SinoAlpha Ventures

    Together with a few founders, we bring great companies to life

  • Who is Behind the Company?

    SinoAlpha Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of G. Li & Company Limited, is a private company builder and investment company. We are not seeking outside investors nor inviting start-ups into our portfolio at this time. SinoAlpha Ventures has a vast network of international advisors and a few would be selected and placed into the right start-ups to help them catalyze.

    Our Beliefs

    We will only invest in founders who believe in creating a sound governance practice that is ethical, fair, and mindful of the environment and his community.

    Our Efforts

    SinoAlpha Ventures is a private corporate venture laboratory whose focus is to transform traditional companies that have integrity, industry, and grit...into digital superstars. With a seasoned team of international innovators, we conduct R&D and take them to commercialization.

    Our Proceeds

    After deducting the necessary expenses, all remaining proceeds shall be reinvested into a foundation towards improving entrepreneurship and humanity.

  • When you want to speed up how value is being created... by pairing up with the best global company advisors and coaches so we can collectively make a dink in the universe.

    Why SinoAlpha?

  • Unique resources + committed entrepreneurs

    Raising awareness and empathy

    We are a private accelerator and investment company, orchestrating the creation of new entities with social and humanistic purposes. We do this by bringing to bear our most resources ...time, connection, reputation with a touch of financial resources so we can build great companies together.

    Assess Customer Preferences

    Measure Performance and Conformance

    Manage Residual Risks

    Acquire Resources

    Raise Capital


    Build Your Board of Directors

    Articulate Your Values

    Brand Your Company

    Set in Control and Quality

  • Entrepreneurs: Can do?

    Sample Criteria

    Your Customers Celebrate Your Viability?

    Customers adore you

    Nobody should understand your customers better than you do.

    Digital and the New Economy

    An "A" Team, but a "B" Business Model?

    You are willing to pivot

    Business should morph, not the founders. Are you winners?

    Digital and the New Economy

    A Respect for Ethics?

    The world is better off with your team.

    Does your products and services truly improve humanity and the well-being of users?

    Photo by Daria Shevtsova

    Appropriate Control Structure?

    You are willing to share power and accountability

    Can your company scale, building on a governance membrane that can breathe?

    Digital and the New Economy

    Digital Savvy?

    You can really leverage on AI and Big Data

    Somehow you are designing a digital business. Are you data mining?

    Digital and the New Economy

    Market Sensing?

    You are experimenting

    Do you understand what it takes to be a lean start-up?

    Digital and the New Economy


    Have you got the rhythm?

    Probably the most powerful question and often the most neglected. Why?

    Digital and the New Economy

    How's Your Ego?

    It is not just about you

    No one can manage a founder's ego like the founder. Really! Real business is about follow through and adaptability.

  • Value Creation

    Building great companies of value requires both good strategy coupled with sound execution.

    Missing either one and value is never truly realized.


    A good strategy is not an ambition, but a team's course of action. When you have a mission, all issues are just minor bumps along the road. Indeed, what are your mission critical processes? What are the critical success factors in bringing about your strategy? Do you know?
  • Year One: Determining with you, what matters most.

    What gets measured gets done. Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. But there are ways. Creating Key Performance Matrix.



    Year Two: Setting up your management and governance structure


    Why only create a board of directors immediately preceding your IPO? Great boards begin on day one and it is not an afterthought. Truly great companies have an executive board and a great board of directors. Invest in your directors, advisors, and network.

    Year Three - Five: Exit through IPO or Sale

    In building new management systems and a winning team, you are beginning to take off. Why not invite true investors with aligned interests and and not short-term gamers?

  • Download an ultimate copy of "First Aids for Disastrous Meetings" by Dr. G.

    Improving Your Meetings

  • What are we up to recently?

    Always pushing the boundaries with our start-ups

    Setting up an Ethics Committee

    ​Not all high tech products bring value to humanity...

    Why not set up an ethics committee and begin a meaningful dialogue with your advisors, to learn what would be acceptable new products and services? Don't go down a tunnel alone. We have a white paper on this.

    Igniting Hong Kong with Space Exploration

    Why not Hong Kong?

    The paradigm of Space is changing. Smaller, smarter, and more efficient satellite systems are being developed that could do as well as large, expensive, and heavy systems in the past. Science fiction has become a reality, fueled by advances in computing, materials, 3D printing, and nanotechnology. Yes, we have a white paper on this as well but only for our select investors.

  • Sample Advisors

    We've got a top notch team with over a hundred global silver angels

    CK Cho

    Compliance, Fraud, and Corporate Governance

    A barrister, professor, and probably one of the best fraud examiners and teachers in Asia. You are lucky if he joins your team.

    Perry Lam

    Sales, Marketing, and Leadership Development

    A consummate salesman and executive coach for MNCs in Asia. You can't afford him but he's worth every cent.

    May Mak

    Accounting, Finance, and IPO

    A true investment and financial professional who also understands the legal and ethical side of business. Rare.

    Fletcher Ng

    Agile Innovation and IT

    A seasoned IT professional who has awaken to the power of Agile.

    Iris Tang

    Branding, Innovation, and Fund Raising

    Traveling around the world, she is undoubtedly one of the most connected persons in the region.

    Stephen Cheung

    Microwave, Technology Transfer, and Space

    If you can build it, he can measure it. Probably knows more about the commercialization of high tech than most patent offices.

    Edmund Pang

    Structural Engineer

    How high and sturdy do you want it? Has build some of subway stations and buildings from Canada to Hong Kong.

    Charles Foley

    Leadership, Transformation, and Quality

    Our own Charles Handy, but even tougher and more hands on.

    Robert Tricker

    Corporate Governance

    When governance needs a complete redesign, who else can you call?

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